Angeline School and Industries

11028 County Highway 44, Upper Sandusky, Ohio 43351 (419) 294-4901

Adult Services

Employment Services

Angeline Industries, Inc. is the private, non-profit employment services agency of the Wyandot County Board of DD.  Angeline Industries’ employment services includes programs such as a sheltered workshop, janitorial/mobile work crews, a document destruction business, substitute & supplemental staffing services to local business, and an art studio/downtown retail store.  For more information about county board employment services, click the Industries tab on our Home page, or contact Bob Witt at (419) 294-4488 or

Adult Activities/Retirement

Adult Activities/Retirement (AA/R) is a non-vocational program for adults who receive services from the Wyandot County Board of Developmental Disabilities.  This program is for individuals who choose not to work at Angeline Industries or in the community, often based upon their individual preferences appropriate to reaching retirement age or the result of significant disability.  Participants in the AA/R program regularly take part in meaningful, age-appropriate activities as well as community-based outings.  The purpose of this program is to help keep people active and involved. For more information about the Adult Activities/Retirement program, contact Bob Witt at (419) 294-4488 or

Choicemakers/Adult Day Support

Choicemakers is the name of our alternative adult day services program for individuals who have chosen to receive their day services from the county board.  This program is primarily appealing to individuals whose primary goals are not employment related, but who are motivated to actively connect and contribute to their community through volunteerism, social/recreational activities, and community-based learning opportunities. For example, these include but are not limited to: exercise & fitness; health & wellness, nutrition, cooking, crafts, socializing, sight-seeing, going out to eat, volunteering for meals on wheels,  and the list goes on… For more information about Choicemakers, contact Bob Witt at (419) 294-4488 or

Art Connections/Art Studio & Gallery

Art Connections is the name of our art studio and gallery located at 205 South Vance Street in Carey, Ohio.  Eight to ten artists with developmental disabilities explore their own creativity and artistic abilities with the help of an art facilitator.  The artists create their work on-site in the downtown storefront gallery which is also open for retail sales of the artwork.  Our artists’ work is on display alongside the work of several local artists without disabilities.  Art Connections is another creative venture of Angeline Industries, Inc. intended to showcase the gifts and abilities of people with disabilities, while at the same time meaningfully connecting them to their local community.  For more information about Art Connections, contact Lila Conley, Art Studio Facilitator at (419) 396-1020 or

Self Advocacy & Self-Determination

The Wyandot County Board of Developmental Disabilities is home to a growing number of self-advocates who are learning and teaching other individuals with developmental disabilities the skills necessary to speak up for themselves and for issues important to their lives.  Self-advocacy is also about taking responsibility to be an active part of problem-solving once an issue is identified.  In other words self-advocates are being taught to “speak up” and then “step up”.  This local group is an official chapter of the Ohio Self-Determination Association (OSDA).  Locally, they are known as “The Voice of Wyandot County” which is the name self-advocates chose for themselves.

One of the primary principles of Self-Determination states that when individuals with developmental disabilities are given the opportunity and the authority to make decisions about their own lives, quality of life improves right along with self-confidence.   For more information about self-advocacy and self-determination contact Bob Witt at (419) 294-4488 or