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Angeline Industries


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Angeline Industries, Inc. is the private, non-profit employment services division of the Wyandot County Board of Developmental Disabilities.  Angeline Industries’ employment services include programs such as the adult sheltered workshop, janitorial/mobile work crews, a document destruction business, substitute & supplemental staffing services to local business (supported employment), and an art studio/downtown retail store.

If you would like more information about how Angeline Industries, Inc. could help you or your business, please contact Bob Witt at (419) 294-4488 or

Industries/Adult Sheltered Workshop

AI, Inc. and the individuals we employ possess skill and experience in the areas of assembly, packaging, sorting, collating, bulk mailing, and document destruction (shredding). But don’t take our word for it, just ask some of Angeline Industries’ satisfied customers:

Assembly & Packaging

“We have always experienced excellent customer service with Angeline Industries and would highly recommend them to anyone who is in need of packaging services.  They are always timely, professional, and cost effective.”—Scott Schindler, General Manager, Fastenal Company.

Janitorial Work Crews

“Our rest areas on US 23 are some of the best kept in District One.  It is obvious that Angeline Industries and their caretakers on site take great pride in their work.”—Tony Lotz, Facilities Manager, Ohio Department of Transportation, District One.


“The pet scarves that Angeline Industries makes for us to sell at our pet spa are great.  Our customers really like it when they find out the scarves were made locally by individuals from Angeline Industries.”—Randy & Sherri Sorg, Owners, Upper Car Wash & Pet Spa

Sorting, Collating, Bulk Mailing & Document Destruction

“The Masonic groups have used Angeline to do our bulk mailings for many years.  They are very professional, provide excellent service, and their work is always completed on time. Not only do they copy, fold, and sort the 600 piece mailing but they also complete all necessary postal forms and physically deliver the mailing to the post office.  We are very satisfied with their work.”—Ron Pool, Secretary, Upper Sandusky Masonic Organizations

“The Upper Sandusky City Income Tax department has employed Angeline Industries to prepare our return forms for mailing for many years.  They compile the forms and return envelopes, and then stuff them in the mailing envelopes.  Angeline Industries has provided consistently accurate and VERY FAST service.  We greatly appreciate their efforts. Thank You!” Rae Wessler, Tax Commissioner

Mobile Work Crews/Chore Services

“The main reason that the City of Upper Sandusky has a working partnership with Angeline Industries is that the quality of their work is excellent.  Most important to me is that the client-workers of Angeline Industries are some of the best people you will ever meet!  If you have never given them the opportunity to work with you or your company, I strongly recommend you give them a try.  I promise you will not be disappointed!”—Scott Washburn, Mayor, City of Upper Sandusky

Supported Employment/Enclave 

Supported employment provides individuals with disabilities the opportunity to work outside of the sheltered workshop at a local business or company, but at the same time maintain the supervision and support of Angeline’s professional staff that accompany them and remain on-site to assist.  Often this is referred to as a supported employment enclave where the individual with a disability remains an employee of Angeline Industries, Inc. but is welcomed and included to work on-site along with the business’ employees without disabilities.  AI, Inc. currently supports adults with disabilities in supported employment sites around the county performing janitorial/cleaning, lawn maintenance, and office/service-oriented work assignments.

Community/Competitive Employment Ben C

Several individuals with developmental disabilities are successfully employed in the community. This is referred to as competitive employment.  The person with a disability works directly for the local business, meaning she/he is on the payroll of that business—not on the payroll of Angeline Industries, Inc.  Over the years AI, Inc. has successfully connected local employers with adults who are ready and motivated to work.  Competitive employment allows adults with disabilities to earn a competitive wage, pay taxes, and gainfully contribute to the community which has so generously supported them.  AI, Inc. has assisted individuals with developmental disabilities obtain competitive employment throughout Wyandot County in grocery stores, restaurants, banking/retail, service, and manufacturing.  Community employers receive two times their return on investment:  1) a motivated, reliable employee; and 2) the satisfaction of knowing they made a difference in the life of a person with a developmental disability.

Art Connections Art Studio & Gallery

Art Connections is the name of our art studio and gallery located at 205 South Vance Street in Carey, Ohio.  At Art Connections artists with developmental disabilities explore their own creativity and artistic abilities with the help of an art facilitator.  The artists create their work on-site in the downtown storefront gallery which is also open for retail sales of the artwork.  Our artists’ work is on display alongside the work of several local artists without disabilities.  Art Connections is another creative venture of Angeline Industries, Inc. intended to showcase the gifts and talents of people with disabilities, while at the same time meaningfully connecting them to their local community.  For more information about Art Connections, contact Lila Conley, Art Studio Facilitator at 419-396-1020 or