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Family Support Services

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What is Family Support Services (FSS)?

  • FSS is a program of Wyandot County Developmental Disabilities to provide a limited amount of financial assistance to help families care for a loved one with a disability in their family home.
  • FSS can help families with the unique and specialized care needs that result from supporting their loved one in the family home.

Who Can Receive Family Support Services?

  • In order to receive family support services in Wyandot County, your loved one must reside in the family home and must have been assessed and determined eligible for services by a Wyandot County DD Service & Support Administrator (SSA).

What will FSS help pay for?

  • Respite Care. Respite is defined as an intermittent break from the demands of 24/7 caregiving. FSS provides some assistance to help cover the cost of family selected respite care providers. This respite care can occur either inside or outside of the family home.
  • Specialized Camps & Recreation Programs (i.e., Recreation Unlimited, etc.)
  • Specialized Supplies: This may include special medical supplies, diapers and other special supplies needed but not covered by another funding source.
  • Specialized Equipment & Modifications. Needed to provide assistive technology, adaptive equipment, or other accommodations to help with care and development of your loved one’s daily living.
  • Parent/Family Education, Training, and Consultation opportunities that support the individual’s continued skill development and growth.
  • Specialized Diets/Medications, specific to the individual’s unique and specialized needs.

Do I Find My Own Respite Care Providers?

  • Yes. FSS cannot assist in the recruitment of respite care providers. These are Family-Directed Respite Care Providers. Therefore, they are often friends, neighbors, family members, etc. selected by the parent/guardian. FSS then assists with the cost of the respite care.

Other Important FSS Information

  • Family Support Services must be the payor of last resort.  For example, if your insurance will cover the requested item, you must utilize your insurance first and foremost.
  • Family Support Services are provided within available funds. Wyandot DD/Angeline receives an annual grant from the State of Ohio and matches this grant with additional funds from the Angeline Endowment.
  • Family Support Services requests will be granted consistent with Wyandot DD/Angeline’s FSS plan and core principles, including but not limited to: positive intervention culture, community integration, least restrictive environment, and self-determination.

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Family Support Services

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