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Angeline School Age Special Education/Transition From School-to-Adulthood

The Angeline school-age special education program is licensed by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) to serve 8 high school age students with significant intellectual/developmental disabilities.  Students are placed at Angeline School by their local education agency (i.e., public school district) when the student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) team determines that Angeline School is the least restrictive environment in order for the student to receive her/his federally mandated free and appropriate public education (FAPE).

Academics.  The Angeline school-age program meets Ohio’s Learning Content Standards, as required and monitored by the Ohio Department of Education.  Our teaching staff are professionally licensed and certified by ODE.  Emphasis is placed on educational, environmental and functional activities designed specifically for each individual student.

Individual Education Plans (IEP) are developed for each student.  The IEP teams consist of, at minimum, the child’s parent(s)/legal guardian, a representative of the LEA, and a representative of Angeline School.  Other IEP team members, including other multi-disciplinary professionals, may participate upon request and/or consent of the parent(s)/legal guardian.

School-to-Adulthood Transition.  Because our students are of high school age, a great deal of emphasis is placed upon community-based employment exploration and discovery. Vocational training, training in daily living and self-help skills, language development and physical development is carried out by educational services staff within the program as well as in the community.  Each student’s public school district, and therefore her/his IEP team, is required to begin transition planning (transition from school to adulthood) when the student turns 14 years of age.

Supervision & Oversight.  Angeline School contracts with the North Central Ohio Educational Services Center (NCOESC) for the services of a credentialed, part-time special education supervisor for the supervision and oversight of all Ohio Department of Education licensed special education services and personnel.

Inclusion.  The Wyandot County Board of Developmental Disabilities believes very strongly that all students with disabilities have the right to a free and appropriate public education, in the least restrictive environment, and most often to occur side-by-side with their typically developing peers within their own public school district.  In the rare occasion when a student’s unique needs are unable to be met, Angeline School prides ourself in serving students with disabilities who would otherwise be excluded from a classroom experience.