Angeline School and Industries

11028 County Highway 44, Upper Sandusky, Ohio 43351 (419) 294-4901

Art Connections


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Art Connections Studio & Gallery

205 S. Vance Street

Carey, Ohio 43316

(419) 396-1020

 At Art Connections artists with developmental disabilities explore their own creativity and artistic abilities with the help of a professional Art Facilitator.  The artists create their work on-site in the downtown storefront gallery which is also open for retail sales of the artwork.  Our artists’ work is on display alongside the work of several local artists without disabilities.  Art Connections is another creative venture of Angeline Industries, Inc. intended to showcase the gifts and talents of people with disabilities, while at the same time meaningfully connecting them to their local community.  For more information about Art Connections, contact Lila Conley, Art Studio Facilitator at 419-396-1020 or  or check us out on Facebook at